The basic principle of green building is to spread a positive impact on improving the quality of life, the environment and natural resources. Green building measures, evaluates and gives us a clear picture of all different impacts of buildings on the surrounding, the environment and the planet. The construction sector is the key for the entire economy development, and as such is directly linked to the local environment for the use of labor, resources, raw materials, materials and products. Green building development certainly depends on the natural environment, as well as on social and economic conditions.

The company Millennium Team recognizes the importance of these construction features and promotes the use of local resources in order to strengthen the domestic economy, employment and training of the workforce, creating competition for the domestic economy and its professionals. We build, looking to the future, respecting the principles of green building, energy efficiency, with the goal of doing everything to make our impact on nature as beneficial as possible.

In its work, the company Millennium Team applies the highest environmental standards and certificates, and at the same time works on continuous education of employees and raising community awareness of the need to preserve the environment.