On-going projects

​Reconstruction of sewerage network in Pavle Simić street

Execution of works on reconstruction of sewerage network in urban core of centre of Novi Sad.

The reconstruction works are taking place in Pavle Simić street, from Maksima Gorkog street to Železnička street. The works prescribe replacement of the existing pipeline that is more than half a century old, by installing of new pipes (parallel positioning of two polyester pipes  f 800). Polyester pipes f 1000 are being positioned in length of 318 meters along Vasa Stajić street till Železnička street.

All of the existing collectors need to remain functional during execution of works so as to enable re-pumping. The works on fabrication of revision manholes, drainage grid and reconnecting of household connections from the old grid onto the newly constructed one are taking place in parallel with positioning of the pipeline.