Legends of Russian hockey delighted the citizens of Belgrade

Sponsored by Millennium team, a true sporting spectacle took place in Pionir ice arena, the one that has already become one of the brightest moments in the history of domestic hockey, and certainly the biggest hockey event in the region over the past thirty years, if not longer

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Rehabilitation of the city landfill in Prokuplje

Rehabilitation of the city landfill in Prokuplje will start next week, and works worth 150 million dinars on the surface of 16 hectares will be finished by the end of the year

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Rehabilitation of the Smederevo-based landfill Godominsko polje

Millennium Team in a consortium with the company Porr got the job of rehabilitating, closing and reclamation of the landfill Godominsko polje in Smederevo

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Signed a contract on gasification of Rakovica

New gas pipeline network will be about 160 km long, which will enable a connection around 16,000 new consumers in Rakovica

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