The basic activity of Millennium Team is civil engineering.

•  construction and designing of hydro-technical facilities: waterways, rainwater and sanitary sewers, reinforced concrete collectors, pumping stations, drinking water
treatment facilities, facilities for treating sanitary and industrial wastewater.

•  construction and designing of thermo-technical, thermal energy, processing and gas installations for oil and gas refining facilities, international and national products pipelines, gas pipelines and oil pipelines for transportation, national and regional long-distance heating lines.

•  construction works on railways, railway facilities and buildings

•  construction of traffic infrastructure

•  construction and repairs of city and regional landfills

Special activities:

•  drilling under roads and railways using the pipe insertion method

•  under drilling using the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method

•  drilling and installing geothermal probes

•  Decreasing the level of groundwater:  

- by drilling drainage wells

- using wellpoints

•  renting and installing steel welded barriers with Larrsen-profiles during construction of: 

- roads and channels 

- foundation pit reinforcement 

- construction at flowing water 

- landfills and waste disposals 

- noise-protection walls 

- hydro-technical facilities 

- construction of petrol stations and installation of reservoirs.

Humanitarian demining

 Millennium Team is registered, technically equipped and staffed for demining activities.